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Colour Hunters, let’s catch sunshine in a can, Mama!


Before the launch of this website, life became increasingly hectic. Amid the chaos of creating images, hand painting hundreds of colour cards and testing new products (yes, we’re cooking’!) I chose to create and maintain a WOW Letter. You might question the relevance of a WOW letter but I am a firm believer in empowering DIY painters to create wow spaces. So, if this letter inspires you to become a WOW painter, then I have succeeded in my mission.

Writing this letter has a purpose: to keep you up-to-date on the latest colour and paint news, and to motivate you to confidently embrace painting WOW walls as Kate Moss  walks the runway. So, let’s kick things off with a short introduction.

Welcome to WE ARE WOW MAKERS, a natural paint brand originating in The Netherlands under the guidance of Studio AnoukB. The brand offers a selection of colours inspired by holiday homes, paying homage to sunshine on walls and barefoot living. The unique stucco paint product creates the appearance of sun kissed stucco walls and interior objects. The Holiday Colour Stories collection showcases colours influenced by warm white holiday homes in Mykonos, sun kissed finca’s in Mallorca and the golden beaches of Ibiza. The brand WE ARE WOW MAKERS shows how holiday memories can be the start of  “sunshine in a can” by an independent paint brand that harmonizes with bespoke interior design, as shown by founder Anouk and her daughter Dot.

What’s happening in the world of WOW paint?

When it comes to interior design, paint has the power to create magic. A fresh layer of paint can instantly elevate a room from ordinary to stunning or from hectic to peaceful. With the abundance of colour choices available, selecting the perfect one can be challenging. To prevent any post-painting regrets consider before you buy your favourite WOW colour:

Is there a lot of natural light in the room?

When selecting a paint colour, considering natural light is essential. The amount of natural light can significantly affect how colours appear:

2024 What is trending?

In 2024, the trend shifts from plain beige to a blend of effortlessly chic colours, featuring rich brown tones like Marrakech to create quiet luxury nests and bold green hues like Palm Springs, injecting a fashion statement into living spaces. Inspired by the colours of magical holiday places and bespoke retail design, complemented by calming shades such as Ibiza a comforting and inviting atmosphere is created. 


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Perfecting Your Palette: From Light to Dark

Lighter WOW paint shades, such as crispy Odessa and chic Monaco show less colour variation, while darker hues, for instance Marrakech, inspired by spicy walls in iconic Riads, might create a nesting atmosphere. To prevent any unexpected outcomes, consider creating a mood board featuring interior images that resonate with your ideal living space. Observe how white or fresh plaster appears in the space – does it seem grey in darker areas? If so, anticipate that any other colour will appear darker in those spots. Visualise how colours will look under varying lighting conditions throughout the day; you will observe that plain white can shift from cool grey to yellow or pink-ish and everything in between. For rooms that require a cooler tone, seek on cool colours like Monaco or Odessa. For rooms in need of warmth and depth, opt for a warmer hue like Ibiza or Mykonos. To assist in your observation, use colour cards. Place them on different walls to see how colours transform in varying lighting and weather conditions. Keep in mind that green from trees and pink and yellow hues from the sky can reflect onto the colours, influencing their appearance as well.

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Will I still like this colour in the long term?

Colours trends continually evolve. While grey was once a popular choice for floors, paint, and furniture, traditional greys might now appear outdated. Yet, if you select a grey-ish colour like Mallorca, Bali or Florence that truly resonates with you and transcends trends, you will experience the colour you choose is greatly influenced by your personal taste, furniture and wardrobe, especially if you intend to keep your key pieces. For instance, while you may have always envisioned your living room as a warm grey nest, it may not align with your vision if you still keep your pink sofa. However, it could be a fantastic combination if it complements your style!

Consider using paint as an alternative to breathe new life into your design. If your furniture is predominantly neutral, a pop of vibrant paint can transform the room dramatically. Picture a room with all-white furniture against moss green walls (Biarritz) versus softer neutral off-white walls in cool hues like Monaco or warm white like Reykjavik. Consider the ambiance you wish to establish – a light, serene space or a mystical, grounded sanctuary.

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