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WOW paint contains mineral pigments and chalk but has a different composition of raw materials and is thicker than chalk paint, this results in more depth and texture in the finish.

WOW paint looks more subtle and less spotty, water splashes do not leave stains, and unlike limewash, WOW paint is cleanable (provided it is not scrubbed too hard, avoid using a scouring pad). Limewash is not easy to repaint with other paints. WOWpaint is easy repaintable with other paints.

For 8 m2 you need 1 ltr. Suppose you have a wall of 20 m2 on which you apply 2 layers of WOWpaint: 2 x 20m2 = 40m2 : 8 = 5 liter.

WOW paint stucco effect is applied in 2 layers, use a good quality natural block brush with “blond” hairs and add the paint playfully on walls. Pour paint from several cans into one bucket and stir all the paint well before you start painting.

A subtle stucco effect is achieved by applying water and/or vertical strokes with a natural block brush. For this effect, dilute the paint with more water.

For more colour differences, add plenty of water and paint playful!

Are you using paint from different batches, cans, stores on multiple walls in 1 room /on 1 floor and want to avoid (minor) colour differences? Then stir the paint of all cans in one or more large bucket(s). WOW paint contains natural raw materials. Colour differences between cans/batches may occur.


WOW paint colours can be mixed, so if your colou r is not included, mix your own unique color. When you do not mix two colours completely, a playful two tone effect can occur, this will give a great imperfect effect.

Brush strokes are softened by playfully wiping over the wet paint with a clean, damp cloth. Brush streaks can also be softened with a Spatula. Playfully stroke the spatula over the painted wall with minimal pressure. If during brush painting “scuffs” are created, do not remove them, these “scuffs” give the famous stucco effect after drying time. For this technique, apply the paint extra thick and dilute it with as little water as possible.


If during application your paint starts to curl, a layer you are going over is not yet dry or the surface is too absorbent. Add water and avoid “painting wet in wet layers” because that way you brush away one layer with another layer.

A coat roller does not achieve a stucco effect.

After drying the colour is lighter than during application, colour shades become more subtle after drying.

Drying time between coats at a temperature of about 20 degrees 2-4 hours (depending on the humidity in the room). If the paint curls when applying layer 2, layer 1 is not yet dry.


Protecting WOW paint against stains is possible. Behind a kitchen unit we advise you to add our matt Varnish. A matt varnish is more porous than a (silk) gloss varnish. After a number of years, light sanding and touch-up may be desirable.

With a soft brush.

WOW paint in the bathroom is possible, except in the shower (wet cell). Behind the sink finish with Varnish.

WOW paint on pure wood or MDF is possible. Remove grease and dust from the surface with a damp cloth and St. Marc, sand lightly (in this order). Finish doors, benches, shelves with matt Varnish

WOW paint on plasterboard, plastered walls or wallpaper is possible provided that screw holes, gaps and seams (between plasterboard) are closed, and wallpaper does not come loose anywhere. If you desire a subtle effect, use primer before applying 2 coats of WOW paint.

Store WOW paint in a place with  a constant temperature of about 18 degrees Celsius, make sure before reuse that it has not been frozen in a cold barn or heated by the sun. If this is the case, the paint unfortunately can no longer be used.

If WOW paint is stored airtight at a constant temperature of about 18 degrees, approximately one year.

If the can has not been sealed airtight after use, has been stored too hot or too cold, or has become moldy, the paint has been stored incorrectly. Stored too hot or cold? Then the paint is no longer usable. Moldy? Remove the mold layer, add a little water, stir well. If the paint no longer smells or clumps, it can still be used.

WOW paint is unique.

WE ARE WOW MAKERS is developed by Studio AnoukB because Anouk (founder) could not find a high quality stucco look paint in the best colour possible that could be very easily applied in just one or two coats, with little preparation such as sanding or priming. WOW makers paint is truly sunshine in a can and can be applied to many surfaces, ceilings, walls, wood, concrete, unpainted furniture, plaster and even fabric.

WOWpaint is breathable, people- and environment-friendly.

WOW paint is breathable, human and environmentally friendly, so very suitable for baby and children’s rooms.

WOW paint is a natural paint with a matte finish. As with other paint, the final colour is determined by the natural light, ambient colours such as the colour of the floor, lighting etcetera. Wow Makers will do everything to serve you as good as possible with colour advice but how the colour on your project eventually turns out we cannot influence.

WOW paint is a natural paint with a limited shelf life. Unfortunately, due to the custom made freshness, we cannot accept paint returns.

No we are not but we are here to help you and make you a happy customer!

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