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Transform your walls and interior decor with WOW paint. Our stucco paint offers a unique, high-quality, and budget-friendly solution to replicate the allure of sun-drenched plaster walls found in holiday homes and Mediterranean destinations. Save time on primers and additional layers, just apply one or two coats of our stucco paint for a remarkable makeover in your living space.


Monaco is a reminder that we, too, can exude a cool and timeless elegance with a subtle touch. Visualize yourself in sun-bleached chic spaces, evoking a sense of luxurious hotel ambiance blended with a classy and inviting atmosphere. It’s the perfect shade to harmonize between shadow and shell white.

Even if you have picked a single colour like St. Tropez for your whole house, you can still play around with how the final wall looks because the same colour will vary in optics from room to room. For an optimal finish when using WOW Makers stucco paint as a backsplash, we suggest applying our Matt varnish.

Incorporating the quintessential Mediterranean vibe, Mykonos combines warm shades of yellow that evoke memories of cherished summer vacations. Ideal for spaces with cooler lighting tones, for sun kissed rooms, opt for our cooler Amalfi shade, a fusion of Mallorca and Mykonos.

Ibiza invites you to adopt a lifestyle of barefoot living and soulful design at home. The magical blend of wet and dry sand with a touch of sunshine creates a grounded ambiance on walls and objects in both classic and minimalist interiors. Ibiza is the perfect colour in between Mykonos, Mallorca and Amalfi.

Sunshine in a can
WOWmakers specializes in creating top-notch custom paints, offering eco-friendly formulas that are simple to clean and elevate the painting process. Each holiday home-inspired colour and wall texture has the power to completely transform a space into an emotion.
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Be a WOW painter
Unleash your creativity with WOWpaint's revolutionary stucco paint ingredients. Its unique texture effortlessly glides onto any surface, allowing you to achieve a stunning micro cement appearance or plaster texture. Simply add water to create an endless array of colour tones, all with a smoother, more refined finish. Experiment with WOWpaint's range of colours and mix and match to discover magnificent new hues. Once you start, you'll be hooked.
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Proudly presenting our collaboration with fashion brand Dstrezzed. A paint collection featuring three unique colours made with modern gents and their love for quality in mind. Cheers to Biarritz; a colour for walls where lovely people share good food and flowing wine, sharing moments as in the south of France sun.

Not the usual white, but full of adventure and depth. A colour for a place where you can go bold and explore eclectic style.

A warm grey shade for interiors with flair and character. A modern style clash of contemporary thinking with deep heritage and historic significance.

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