WE ARE WOW MAKERS is a natural stucco paint brand founded by Studio AnoukB.

The brand presents a range of unique colours, with which WE ARE WOW MAKERS pays tribute to sunshine on walls and barefoot living.

The unique and easy does it stucco paint for walls and interior objects creates a look and feel between stucco and paint. The colours in the Holiday Colour Stories collection are reminiscent of warm white holiday homes in Mykonos, sun-kissed fincas in Mallorca and golden beaches of Ibiza, among others. Each colour is for Anouk, creative director of Studio AnoukB, a reminder of never ending summers.

WOWpaint has a unique recipe based on natural pigments, is breathable and ecological. The paint is an easy does it product of high quality. The authentic look and feel resembles subtle and elegant decorative stucco but is easy to apply to walls and interior objects. Moreover, the paint is easy to clean, touch-up and repaintable. Wowpaint resembles concrete-look, lime paint – or Limewash but is less cloudy and has the advantage of being removable and less prone to stains. WE ARE WOW MAKERS is made to give walls character and transform them into the perfect backdrop for elegant interiors. The unique texture is made for timeless, mini – and maximalist interiors. WOWpaint is available in 1, 2.5 litre and 5 litre buckets.

WE ARE WOW MAKERS is founded by Anouk, creative director Studio AnoukB