Bauwerk Colour X We Are Wow Makers lime paint is a truly amazing paint, it’s made with nature and it works with the nature of the building. Other paint systems are just a plastic coating which give a building its colour. lime wash is like alchemy, it is a deceptively simple paint but requires a lot of knowledge and good quality base products, you need to be like a good wine maker. This is what makes Bauwerk X We Are Wow Makers lime Paints different to any other lime paint in the market, we have extensive understanding of natural pigments and our base product-limestone.


Our paints are made differently from the very beginning process of which type of limestone we use, to how we turn that into base lime, we age it for a minumum of 6 years to make limewash that is simple to use and beautiful on the wall. We use our experience to create a limewash that will not fade or leach with exterior application, it comes in beautiful unique colours and is super easy to apply.


When making our lime paints we believe that what you leave out is as important as what you put in. We rely on the natural properties of the lime to do the work instead of petrochemicals. Lime paint starts out as limestone that is heated, then slaked in water for months to become liquid, it is then made into paint by a simple process, when you paint it on your wall it takes carbon dioxide from the air (like trees do) and turns it back into limestone.


A truly beautiful and amazing process. To make paint that works in a modern context, requires a lot of experience and undertsanding of the base products, this what we pride ourselves on.


We create no chemical waste in our production and only use green power in our manufacture.


We take the environment seriously and are constantly looking to improve our systems, products and packaging.



With Love and Care,


A Wow Maker



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